Something To Think About

Mada Hayyas
2 min readJun 23, 2023


The way I care for people makes me wish I had somebody like me in my life.

”I know we were temporary,” he said.

”Sometimes people come into your life and all you can do is appreciate them while they’re there; and try not to get attached to the way they bring light into your life; and try not to miss them when they leave.”

The older I get the more I realize that everything really is that deep. The people you confide in, trust, date, become friends with, where you work, the opportunities you take. What you watch, what you eat, and even what you consume. We all have been raised on the lie that to feel loved and appreciated you have to please everyone around you and your worth always depends on what other people think of you. So you end up spending the rest of your life trying to impress everyone, mostly those who don’t even care about you on a deeper level, they are busy projecting their insecurities onto you and you live in the fear of rejection. But the moment you awaken, you see right through all this crap and the first thing you do is accept yourself for who you are and start living for impressing yourself. The greatest source of inner peace and freedom is living life to impress your own soul and not seeking validation and approval from others.

The reason why some people are so kind is because the world has been so unkind to them that they don’t want other people to feel the way they did. Make peace with the fact that people hold different versions of you in their mind. Ultimately, who you know yourself to be is what matters the most.

The moment you come to terms with the fact that everything is temporary/fluctuates/changes, you will experience an unimaginable amount of peace.