Letter to Unknown, Maybe My Future Partner

Mada Hayyas
2 min readOct 28, 2023

I crave the most innocent parts of a relationship. Like holding hands, forehead kisses and being able to tell someone how much I adore them.

It sounds crazy given I may not have met you yet, but I know you. My soul is so comfortable with your spirit that your absence has created a longing, which is painful at times. How I enjoy the manner in which we will disagree; accepting each other’s mistakes, flaws and decisions without blame, malice or judgment. You set my soul free. You make me want to always be the best me for the best you. You look into me when our eyes connect.

I have yet to know who you are or what songs you listen to. Someday I will see you when you will be here sitting right next to me. I will tell you how my day was, how it made me feel lonely, and how strongly I acted. I will tell you, how one day, I fought with myself just to trail along the world. Accept the bitter reality of people around me. Yet loving them compassionately, I learned how life can be.

It’s completely natural and human to want affection, interactions with others, attention, and love. You shouldn’t feel like you’re ”asking for too much” or being ”overly emotional” just because you seek to have your emotional and social desires fulfilled properly. Everyone has these needs, and it’s okay to want them met.

It’s hard being an old fashioned in this modern society. Nowadays, it’s really difficult to look at someone and think, ”wow, you are special” how are you special? What have you done for me to think you are one of a kind? Texting 3–4 more people and say you’ve got your eyes on me? Following girls who doesn’t even know you? like, what are your plans for us? Do you even have a career? Will you motivate me to be my best self? Tell me because if you think you’re special, you are not. You’re just desperate and you want to reek for attention to fill that empty void in you. Adulting is realizing all I need is a home, stable income and a peaceful partner.