Le Savoir Vivre

Mada Hayyas
3 min readJun 29, 2023

For me, finishing school taught me how to grow as an empowered woman.

Historical Questions for Victorian Ladies 1853 (Finishing School Special Extras)

The old-fashioned art cultivating our inner beauty, confidence, and unique personal style, at any age.

Finishing school is not just about balancing a book on your head, how to hold a teacup, how to sit, cross your legs or behave. Finishing schools are educational institutions that teach young individuals social courtesy and upper-class cultural traditions to prepare them for the future and adult life. The finishing schools of today are nothing like the regimental boarding schools of the past. No longer the training ground for future colonisers — or Madame Colonisers — they now appeal to any woman, housewife or diplomat, whether she wants to avoid intercultural faux pas when travelling or be the hostess with the mostest. The Finishing School for Modern Women brings together women of all ages for empowerment classes and events to learn from experts and each other how to claim our power in business, finance, communication, and life.

The Finishing School was a popular concept in the first half of the 20th century in which young women were taught about elite class etiquettes and social graces. Such schools had a prime focus on personality development, and academics were considered secondary. The number one advantage of finishing school is that it allows the child in constructing or upgrading the extent of self-belief in students in efficient method. Finishing colleges also referred to as supplementary schools that encourage and teach individual students to broaden the right sort of mind-set crucial to realize professional growth. The exposure of a school for students on the brink of getting into the corporate industry is taken into account as a welcome initiative; but, because it is well known, you need a lot more than just domain knowledge to make yourself the perfect fit in the surrounding and therefore finishing schools play a vital role in the backhand. Overall, a finishing school prepares a student for college and career life in a much better way. It emphasizes on several aspects and parameters that are essential in life. Many schools have adopted the type of school model to improve the proficiency of their course. In order to get a complete educational experience, it provides the best opportunities.

I have learned, however, that finishing school should only be used by authorized vocational institutions who issue legitimate diplomas. Some of you will recall how parents compensated for being unable to attend a finishing school by providing regular practice at home. You learned how to set the dinner table, to require your male friend to open doors for you or to walk on the outside when walking down the street with you, to never chew gum or smoke in public and many other lady-like behaviors. Some of you even recall being required to practice walking with a book on your head to develop good posture.

Everything you need to become a well-groomed woman is taught in this school. Grooming a girl into a lady means she understands what to wear for each occasion, what to prepare for every gathering, and how to serve correctly. Social etiquette and deportment required of women in such a society also form the curriculum of “Finishing Schools.” In summary,” Finishing Schools” groom women to become wives to royalties and mothers too.

In the 1960s, during the second wave of feminism — most “Finishing Institutions” disappeared. The agitations for women’s societal roles were the worst event for these schools. The awareness spread like wildfire, and women were no longer willing to object. The desire to be among the workforce, receive equal pay, and contribute to societal growth waylaid the goal of “Finishing Schools.” Women now and beyond need respect and reward for their knowledge, skillset, and professional competency. They do not want to be seen as just well-groomed genders for marriage.